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21 May

Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins


Not many people know that Aruba had its very own version of the Gold Rush. For much of the 19th century the precious metal was mined on the island mainly with the aid of dynamite. An English company built a gold smelter at Bushiribana in 1872, a picturesque spot near the sea that was sacred to the island’s original inhabitants, the Arawak Indians. Over the years Aruba’s gold industry extracted 3 million pounds of the metal. Today the sandstone and coral building is mostly in ruins with only a few crumbling walls still standing, but this historic site is definitely worth a visit if you appreciate history or just like to explore old ruins. On top of this fortress-like structure, which was designed to discourage pirates from attacking, you’re rewarded with spectacular views. Find some loose stones, stack them on top of one another and make a wish. The gold was exhausted long ago, but one never knows…


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